Manly Maze: part three

Oh my, it’s starting to look like a sweater!

Just a quick entry tonight.
*Sleeves have been divided out for.
*20-some rows of stockinette have been stitched.
*Started to go crazy, took a break and worked on the collar for a nice change of pace and to make it look like “something.”
* I think it’s about 1/3 of the way done, could be more? I’m a poor judge on a project this size.
*Going to do some minor tapering, not too much though.

All-in-all, I’m still excited and happy about this project. Can’t wait to finish so I can start something else though! I always have that problem, after awhile I get bored with what I’m working on and want to move along to the next new project.

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  1. ijada66 says:

    Dear Ms. Knitpicky,I was shocked and appaled to hear that you didn’t like knitting with the hemp yarn! Actually, I ran across your blog when considering kniting the Manly Maze sweater for my BF. I really want to knit it with the called for yarn. If you have any insight/opinion about it, I would love to hear it. Also, are the pics in your blog the hemp yarn or the Knitpicks? Thanks for any info you might be able to pass along.Piaijada66@hotmail.comBTW-enjoyed your blog immensely!

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