Daily Archives: July 2, 2008

Tempest is moving along…

Much more quickly then I would have imagined, honestly. In less then two weeks, I’ve finished the back and the first front piece with very little time put into it.
It’s been an interesting knit to say the least, I had to pull about 4″ out of the torso and probably could have done with pulling out a bit more. I’m not sure who the pattern was modeled after, but she apparently has lots of torso. It’s supposed to be blocked wider and taller–and I *am* knitting smaller so it could be blocked as it should–but it’s looking like it honestly doesn’t need it. Especially in the vertical.
I’m very much relieved that I didn’t do it with stripes the first go round; I’m going to have to rewrite the entire striping portion of the pattern when I make another. And if this fits well, there will be another. I’m already imagining what colors to do it in as I should have quite a bit of Smooshy to destash and therefore, give me yarn money and room in my tote!
I don’t believe it will take anywhere near the amount of yarn I originally imagined, either. It should have taken between 1100-1200 yds, I’m thinking I can do it all in 2 skeins of Smooshy which would put it in the 900 yd range.

The first picture is more color accurate, but this gives a better idea of the pretty varigations in the yarn. It reminds me very much of sea glass and it’s quite lovely to look at.