Not an FO…

But I thought it was time for a 2009 post. Currently working on Jaywalker socks in Cupcake from Yarn Pirate. I’m almost done with the first sock, I just finished up the gusset. Have to admit, I’m not super stoked about this knit, but I rarely am when it comes to socks. Since having to refrog my last sweater, I’ve been a bit “eh” about knitting right now…probably because they’re all obligatory knits at the moment. I’ll probably get my enthusiasm back after the next couple of projects are finished and I can get back to sweaters. Being sick likely isn’t helping either.


  1. Heather_dw says:

    I’ve yet to do a sweater. I don’t think I’m skilled enough for one, plus I would need a truckton of yarn to make a sweater for me! lol I am wanting to try socks again though. I always get gusset holes in my previous attempts

  2. I had the head cold o’ doom that I’m now getting over and I have what is likely a pinched sciatic nerve in my left leg as well…making it nearly impossible to knit because any position I need to be in hurts. WIN all around on that front. I haven’t made any progress on my socks today at all.

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