OMG she’s crocheting?!

That’s right. My Cherry Root is finished and I need to take some pictures of it still, but I didn’t feel like starting my Cherry Cardigan right away, so I decided to teach myself to crochet. I had been eyeing the Queen Anne’s Lace pattern on Ravelry for awhile and it struck me that my MadTosh sock in Magenta would be quite lovely in it if I doublestranded the yarn. ( I had to post the Ravelry link since the blog post with the pattern took the pictures down, weird.) This project is one of many firsts for me: first real crochet project, first random skein of sockyarn being used for the year, and first time breaking into one of my “luxury indie dyer” skeins of yarn.

So far, it’s going great and I may be developing a fondness for crochet. I avoided it for a long time due to being scarred by a well-intentioned grandmother who showered us in scratchy crocheted Red Heart blankets and sweaters. Hot, sweaty, bulky, itchy sweaters. Upon thinking about it, this is probably where my dislike for acrylic and my resistence to learn to crochet really came from. Now I see all sorts of possibility. Amigarumi. Blankets from nice fibers. The sky is the limit. (As we speak, I’m beginning to collect sport weight MCN blends to make my own blankie just for me a la MamaBlue. Seriously, can you imagine how nice and smooshy that blanket is?!)

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