Daily Archives: March 2, 2009

The yardage counting continues!

I apparently wasn’t the only one in my group that enjoyed the friendly competition; we’re doing a March Snob Diet! This time, I’m hoping to stay in the top 5. Doubt I can win when the top 3 knitters last month were at 2990+ yds…but top 5? I might be able to swing that. The back piece on my CPH slowed me down as well as having too many projects on needles. I am now remedying that and hoping to finish my gathered scarf in the next day or two so I can then focus on the Hoodie and cast-on for my next sweater project. I’ll do some work on my mother’s socks inbetween. I’m not in a huge hurry on those: I hope to have one full pair finished by May when we take a trip back home. Those have always been intended to be a second project to do a round or two when I feel like it sort of thing.