Viking WIP

A pretty photo for everyone reading this.

The back and both fronts are done: under 600 yards have been used so far. After it’s dry, I plan to get to seaming right away and then picking up the hood and doing the ribbing. I’m still on the fence about the sleeves. Knit flat vs. picking them up and knitting from the top down. I think I’ll definitely do them plain, regardless. As superwash wool is wont to do, it grew a bit with the blocking. (About 2 1/2″) I think it will be fine: this is meant to be a big cuddly sweater. It might be a tad longer then I like my sweaters, but we’ll see what happens after seaming and I try it on.

I have been working on this for exactly a month today. At least I’m more then halfway done. My goal is to have it done in the next two weeks.


  1. Rebekah says:

    Gorgeous work! I found you off the Ravelry Fat?So! group and I’m thrilled to see another person doing the Viking CPH. I’ve done my sleeves and the right front and am waiting on another batch of yarn. Can’t wait to see the finished product. Best, Rebekah

  2. Susan, as you know, I live “dangerously.” No swatch for this like all my other projects. 🙂 I measured the length and decided to hold it up to my shoulder to see where the sweater will hit and it looks like it’s spot-on for where I wanted it to be. Hurrah for guesstimation!Rebekah, I’ll have to look yours up! :)Thank you, both!

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