Scarves are the word for now…

Ishbel is finished; I’m waiting for my photographer to get home and help me take pictures. So I’ve cast on for my next small project instead: the Night Song shawl, which I’m making into another scarf. I wasn’t sure about it the first few rows, but as I’m getting further along, I can see the pattern and I’m warming up to it.

As blasphemous as it may be to say, while I love Sundara’s colors, her sock base is not my favorite. I’ll be trying out some others I have before I say for sure, but this may be the end of sock yarn buying from her. I’m hoping it’s just a “gimp” skein of yarn, a lot of the CaWG seemed to be, and that’s what is going on with this particular yarn. I have quite a bit of sock coming from her in May. There is nothing worse then loving a dyer’s colors, but not the yarn base they use.

I’m considering the possibility of putting a third project on needles again. I have a fair amount of random sock yarn that I will never use for socks but is too variegated for me to use for other items like hats or accessories. I’m planning to start a Zig and Zag blanket, but much larger then “pram” sized. I would like a small-ish blanket to snuggle under while I knit, and what better way to use up odds n ends as well as yarns I know I won’t use because I couldn’t resist them, but I have no use for such variegated yarns? I’m thinking I’d like to make it about 2-2.5 times as wide as the size given, which is just over 21″ wide. I’ll be frogging the Jaywalkers and using that yarn as either the border or color for stripes instead. Then as I have leftovers, like I did for Ishbel, I have something to use them for rather then wondering what to do with 24 odd grams of fingering weight yarn. I’ll get a lot more use out of a blanket then mitts, or yet another hat, or scarf anyway. 🙂

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