Tonight, I got around to seaming the body. All I have left to do is knit the neck border, weave in all the ends, crochet the belt loops and knit the belt. Then I’m d-o-n-e! Let me tell you, it could not be too soon (considering I started this knit the first week of April and I’m still working on it now). I’ve been ready to call this an FO for weeks and sadly, I’ve made a few minor sloppy mistakes at the end thanks to it. None were so bad that I felt a need to rip and redo, however.

To my relief, it will not need to be frogged. It’s at the point now where it fits more closely like a top then a jacket as it was intended, but this is what I was hoping for and I like it this way. I shortened the sleeves to a long short sleeve length, almost to the elbow. There were quite a few other design changes that didn’t start out as intentional but became so. Nothing helps one keep her focus on what she’s doing like a pre-schooler talking her ear off. šŸ™‚ I completely missed the bubble pattern on the upper shoulder and decided to go on without it.

I know I’ll need that additional skein of yarn I ordered–and arrived today, HURRAY!–but at this point, I may not have needed much. Maybe not even 1/4 skein. Guess I won’t be able to call it until it’s done and weighed.

Anywho, nothing else on the needles being worked on, just this top as it has been for awhile now. I’ve been workin’ hard for the FOs.

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