The Soap Bubble Wrap is complete, whoo!

Needles: Knitpicks Harmony Interchangeables Size 8
Yarn: allHemp6LUX – Veridian
I started this knit on 06 April and finished 21 June. It took way too long, but after I lost my rhythm and want to knit it, it dragged. I had to force myself to work 2-4 rows a day on it. Overall, I’m so very happy with it.

The pattern is well written–though a bit too “block of text” in places, it’s easy to miss instruction changes if you’re a bit fuzzy and not fully concentrating–and yields great results. Connie never fails to please, as far as I’m concerned anyway. She’s one of my favorite designers and I have yarn for two more of her projects ready to go. I plan to do Uhura next, in my Caviar allHemp6LUX. I bought it thinking it would be enough for a teeshirt style top: there’s no way. However, I have plenty for a tank and in Texas, isn’t that what I really need more of? Everything she designs is just so wearable. Classic shapes, but beautiful lacework and patterns. Staple pieces you can really get some wear out of.

The hemp yarn grew on me as well, even after the Manly Maze debacle and I swore I would never touch hemp ever, ever again. It was a bit rough at first, but my fingers calloused and I got used to working with it. It’s a bit like kitchen cotton with how it works. It doesn’t have a ton of give to it.

Now that knit is over with, I immediately cast on for a baby project and it’s nearing the 50% done point with maybe 2 hours invested into it. If it takes more then 3 days to complete, then something happened and I stopped working on it. This is my first time working with Cotton-ease. So far, I don’t mind it. It’s rather soft and readily available. HOWEVER. Thanks to the acrylic content, it squeeks. Or creaks may be more appropriate. I hate the sound it’s making as I knit it. I could likely get over it to work on the occasional children’s piece since I much prefer this to 100% acrylic yarn. Washable, soft, and about half of it is natural. I would write more about what I’m doing, but the friend I’m making this for sometimes looks at the blog. So until she receives it, I’m staying fairly hush-hush. Though it shouldn’t be too long until pictures are posted up; it has to travel to San Antonio.


  1. Kitten says:

    Cute finished cardi! I didn't even notice that in the issue when I flipped through it in the store, but it's gorgeous now that I see it on you. I also loved their cute little ribbed cardi. If I ever knit a sweater, I might consider buying this issue.For baby blankets, I now like to work with cotton yarn that is soft such as Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Organic. Bulky for a fast knit, yet super soft. No squeaks either!

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