Not dead

Just knitting like a mad woman after finding the “export to Excel” function on Ravelry’s stash page. I have 26 miles worth of yarn. Holy cow, it’s a yarn marathon! And not ESK‘s which is of a wholly different nature and spirit. My first weigh in for this month’s Snob Diet was Wednesday and I weighed in with 564yds for the week. That is either a personal best or it’s pretty darn close. I’m hoping to keep that pace up all month, so I’ll likely be scarce. I’ve already made a good start for the week by finishing up my scarf–pictures later when my photographer gets home and I weave in the ends–and giving myself 150yds for yesterday alone. If I can resist the siren call of the internet, I should be able to hit 2000 yds this month easy peasy. (Scary thought: at the rate of 2000yds per month, it would take 13-14 months to knit up everything I have currently stashed.)

If I can, I’d also like to keep that pace up for August, so that by the time my 1350yds or so of sportweight from Sundara arrive, I’ve used up more then three times what is coming in. I’ve decided that if I have to stash enhance, it must be to a much smaller scale then what I’m knitting up, or else I’ll go from where I am to much more. Very much like real life yo-yo dieting.

Anywho! Today, I’ve gotten back to work on my Tie Back Shell and am well into the lace section. I’m hoping to make a huge dent in it this weekend with DH home to help again. While I’m not going to hold my breath, a couple of days of solid knitting would finish it up and I’d be looking at two FOs with half of the month left to go!

July is already making me feel like a rock star.

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