More cast ons

Got together with irunnaked last night for a knit date at our local “book store,” and we cast on for the July Mystery Sock together. Can’t really call it a real bonafide book store as it focuses more on video rentals, music, and video games. The book section is rather small and limited. My kingdom for a Borders or Barnes and Noble store!

Anywho, had a great time and would have been better had we not had to listen to some pseudo-intellectual drivel the entire hour and a half we were there. Why is it that the people who are the most obnoxious also speak the loudest? I won’t go into too much detail, but some of the gems of the loud conversation we could not help but overhear included feeling superior and oh-so smart now that they were in college, and man, everyone resents them now because they are always right and correct their stupid friends! Said the two people who could not go more then three words without using the word, “like,” about 90% of the time. Another? Like, have you noticed that like in the 80’s, like everyone used to dress the same and like, had to have the same car? Again, said by a young man who was wearing what looked like a tee shirt from Abercrombie and I’m pretty sure he was not born in the 80’s. (There is apparently some movie mocking this concept. I don’t think times have changed too much, kiddo, you’re not exactly a unique snowflake either. Also, he did not understand what satire is. But not going into that.) And the last; I noticed that the male counterpart of this conversation kept looking over our way. My suspicions were confirmed when he suddenly said, “have you ever noticed they just do the same motion over and over and suddenly, BAM, they have a shirt?” Yes, I do believe that is how knitting works, Oh Observent One. Now shut up and drink your coffee.

I hope the next time we meet there he is not at the cafe. But no more about that, onto the socks!

So far, it’s been a fast knit and my son loves the pattern. He keeps talking about mommy’s “beautiful socks,” while petting them, and my 9 month old daughter is also enamoured with the project. She keeps exclaiming, “ooh,” as well as a baby sound suspiciously close to, “wow,” and making grabby hands at them. Watch out socks, the baby’s gunning for ya!

I’m a bit further along then this now, just finished the increases for the gusset, but I wanted to work on other projects as well. Right now, I have more on needles then is usual for me. For some reason, it just feels right for July and I’m picking and choosing what I want to work on based on the day. I’m slowly making progress on my Sea Shell top. I’ve divided out for the front and back and am a couple of inches above the bottom of the armhole on the front piece. It won’t be too much longer and I’ll be shaping the neckline and finishing up. I haven’t wanted to work on the lace too much with as distracted as I’ve been, and stripes on socks are a bit more fun. Especially in Robin’s Egg Blue and a Berry Red.

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  1. Jen says:

    Like, you didn't think that like, that was a brilliant, like thing to notice? Like and the fact that we were like making socks and not like sweaters?

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