Very tired

But I thought I’d make a quick blog entry and show the progress on my mystery sock. The first sock is up to the end of the most recent clue.

So far, I’m really happy with it. Fun pattern, pretty easy to understand and follow. There was an unclear part about turning the heel, but I had enough sock making experience to realize what I needed to do and it was A-OK. I could not figure out the wonky increases and how to properly line them up with the stripes but EH, nothing that bothers me so much that I’d rip back to fix it. I’ll try a little harder on the second one.

I definitely prefer working toe-up on socks. It’s much easier for me to get a proper foot length and there’s less guess work involved. I’ve also discovered I prefer a short row heel to a heel flap. Go figure. I currently have a pair of top-down socks on needles and after those, I think I’m going to look up the toe-up version of Monkey Socks to use the yarn I have caked for another pair of those. LOVE that sock pattern.

Now I have 6 days until the final part of the pattern is released. So I’m going to start work on the second sock and try to finish another project I have on needles in the mean time. I slowed down on my shell top but started to pick the pace up on it today; I’m hoping to focus on it from now until the weekend. I’m very close to finishing the front piece of the bodice and then I have to work the back. I’m hoping to have an FO post sometime soon with a couple of pictures.

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