Good Start

So far, August’s goal of getting as many projects possible off of needles is going well. I started the month with 7 projects on needles–6, if you do not count the leftovers blanket and really, I don’t believe it should count. Of the 6, I already cast-off one yesterday and will have pictures to show for it later in the week. Now I am down to 5 WIPs that I want to knock off my needles.

Remaining are: my second lacy baktus (30% done), my July Mystery Socks (50% done, cast-off the first sock last night), my BFF socks (20% done), my first Whisper cardigan (only 8 yds into it), and my Cherry Cardigan (about 35 yds into it). I hope to finish all the accessories and make decent progress on the two sweaters. I do not think I’ll get all of it finished this month, but I should be able to get some good yardage racked up for my monthly total.

As I said, I cast-off my first Mystery Sock (aka Cerise) last night. It is a universal truth that it is impossible to take a decent picture of a finished sock on one’s own foot. This is good enough that you get the general idea, though.

For the leg, I did heavy alterations. There were supposed to be apples, or apples and watermelon, depending on which version of the leg you decided to do. I didn’t want any fruit other then cherries and I knew I was going to need to do a lot more increases to get the sock to fit a few inches up my calf. SO. I did the first cherry section as-written, did one additional set of increases before the second checker pattern, did that, then did another set of increases so I would have 4 cherry motifs per needles instead of 3. By the time I reached the ribbing, I felt some simple single color space would be nice again rather then the corrugated ribbing.

I learned a couple of nifty techniques with these socks. I can now do a Turkish cast-on as well as Sewn binding. Neat stuff and more simple then you would think.

Now, I just need to work on the second one.

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