Rough Month

August has been rough for my projects. So many froggings. So many put on hiatus and will likely be frogged. My projects are living in fear as I decide what few stay and who is getting the boot. I went from 6 projects on needles to 2 I am working on and keeping. So what are the lucky two?

My putzy and languishing Whisper Cardigan is staying. I’m hoping that if I focus and make an effort to knit 10-ish rows per day, I will get past the sleeve o’ doom and hit the body which will go much faster. When I saw everyone in the Snob group complaining about how putzy and horrible the sleeves are to knit, they weren’t kidding. Laceweight in the round is a nightmare. 12″ circulars are uncomfortable on the hands. I get too many ladders with DPNs. I do not have an adequate needle to Magic Loop and still need to try that out. So, slowly knitting on a 12″ circ it is. Someday, I’ll get longer cables for my KP interchangeables or buy some longer Addis to ML with. Despite all of this, the yarn is a dream. So soft and pretty. I’ve been happy with all the Plucky yarns I’ve tried to date and this one will definitely be purchased again in the future.

The other keeper is the Husbeast’s second sweater: the Columbia Cable Pullover by Shibui’s Fyberduck. I haven’t gotten far in this, yet. I started off alternating skeins, but for some reason, can not get it to work without little holes where I’m switching, so I’ve gone back to using one at a time for now and hoping that all my skeins are alike enough that there will be no obvious transitions. I’ve successfully alternated skeins in the round before, I’m not sure why it’s so hard this time. Oh well. (And yes, those are the new KP Zephyr tips. So far, I’m liking them. They are so much nicer then other plastic needles I’ve tried in the past.)

Hook: J
Yarn: Lily Sugar ‘n Cream
I spent the last three days working on a crochet stash basket. It’s a bit too floppy for my taste, but it will hold yarn. This was a good practice to get ready for the crocheted toys I plan to make my daughter for her first birthday, which is fast-approaching.


  1. Jen says:

    I like the stash basket! I wonder if you can make something felted that wouldn't be so floppy… I am thinking about making a Kitty Pi for my brother's cat to get rid of some Noro that I have…

  2. Kitten says:

    The color of that laceweight yarn is to die for. (Dye for? Oh, the bad puns come easy for me.)You're a fantastic and quick knitter. When I mentioned that some people just kept knitting through the lazy days of summer, i meant you. 🙂

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