Progress pics

I just took The Girl’s sweater off of needles today; need to weave in the ends and decide if I want to put button closures on it. Here is a WIP picture of it from yesterday. You can almost hear her saying, “OK, Mom, put the camera down, take the sweater off of me, and finish it already.” This knit has been a great way to use up some leftovers from sweaters I’ve made myself. I have this same yarn, but in the dark pink, I used for my Rusted Root and I’ll have to make her another cute cardigan. Since it’s Cotton Fleece, it will be comfortable year round in Texas. 80% cotton and 20% wool to keep it light and allow it to bounce back into shape after washing. When I have the FO picture, I’ll have to post up the specifics of all the modifications I made to the pattern.

And Hayworth is finally blocking. I should have an FO post for it in a day or two. Not much else going on here, so that’s it for now. (Yes, I’m using my bed as a blocking board. Wish I had thought of that sooner. I’ll have to reblock all my shawlettes that way.)

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