September has started off as a productive month. I knit a hat for The Girl yesterday and made great progress on my Whisper Cardigan today. I am finally out of the neverending sleeve on a 12″ circular and onto some nice back and forth knitting for a little while. Whoo! Seriously, I cast this thing on in July. It’s rather ridiculous how long it’s taken me to get that silly sleeve done so I could start working on the back. I’m hoping the second sleeve will go more quickly as I now know that YES, it does end at some point. And if I’m focused, it won’t take 6 weeks to knit it. (I know because I knit ~20 sleeve rounds before I got to the back today.)

Trying my hand at designing once again. The hat I knit yesterday was from a highly variegated skein of Yarntini sport which I could not destash and decided to get some use out of. The hat used just under 1/3 of the skein.


I cast this on and I’m writing down what I’m doing as I go along. Most armwarmer/fingerless glove patterns are written from the arm down to the hand. Which is nice, if one has smaller arms and doesn’t need to fiddle which huge decreases. Or if one isn’t working with a very limited quantity of yarn and she’s unsure of just how much it will take for each glove. I’d rather cut the arm a bit short then run out before I get to the bottom of my hand. So far, it’s been pretty easy. It took me a minute to figure out how to make the thumb hole. What I did is looking nice and I’m on my merry way. I have plans to nip in the wrist with some more ribbing and then do some serious increases to fit up my arms. I’m still deciding if I want to leave the thumb as-is, or pick up stitches and knit a little thumb sleeve.


So far, the color is pooling rather then striping, but I have hopes that once I cast on more stitches to go up the arm, that will resolve itself.

I’m surprised I haven’t succumbed to the siren call of arm warmers before now, since they seem to be perfect for me. I hate having cold arms, but I hate having a cuff or ribbing hit my wrist area even more. If it goes down over my hand, I’m fine. But anything binding my wrist up to my elbow is no good at all. I might eventually get enough yarn to do a nice long pair all the way up my arms, and I have sketches laying around for a sweater with built in fingerless gloves. Which the Husbeast would hate, but I would love.

I should find that sketch and look at making it a reality.

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