Daily Archives: November 3, 2009

November is off to a good start…

Though I will admit this is less then encouraging to see. That pile is sitting next to me as I type.

To date, I have finished 26 knit projects this year–#26 was cast off this morning. Which is great, but maybe 1/2 of them have been properly finished. I suspect that 2009’s being the Year of the Frog has made me cautious to fully finish a knit, just in case I’m going to rip it back out. Perhaps I’ve just gotten lazy about the last steps in the knitting process. One of my goals for today and tomorrow is to weave in the ends of everything in this pile (and there are more sitting around the house but I need to round them up…UGH), get it photographed, and finally start blogging them. That’s a lot of unblogged projects. In the pile pictured, there is my son’s sweater, a shrug, my Whisper, 3 shawlettes, and 2 hats. A fair amount of work.

As the title says, November is off to a pretty good start, knitwise. I started the month with 4 sweater projects on needles, and I am now down to 2. All this only three days into the month! I’m excited, are you excited?! More exclamation points! AHEM. I should be able to finish my husband’s sweater and cast-on something small for myself so I can keep combatting random fingering and sport weight stash. Then it will be just me and my Coraline. I hope to have ‘er done before December is over so I can then work on a birthday gift for my mother to start off my tentative sweater dodecathon. (BTW, dictionary.com is telling me that this word does not exist. Shame.)

Wait, I lied. There is a too-cute-to-be-true little girls’ jacket and coat pattern (ravelry link) that was released yesterday that I want to make for The Girl before we take our Giftmas photo and head back to Wisconsin in February. Can’t imagine a knit for a 12-18 month old in Aran-Bulky weight yarn would take all that long, however. It shouldn’t distract me for more then a week at most.

I also want to get started on some sewing projects soon, including a new quilt for our bed. ( I have purchased some awesome books I should do reviews for in the future.) I ordered enough Kona Cotton solid to do the top and back and hope it will arrive shortly. I should prewash and start cutting out the parts that I already have. I’m doing a custom size–The Husband is the biggest cover hog so I have to make our blanket extra wide–and already worked out all of the details and math. Really, the cutting and deconstruction is my least favorite part of quilting, so I may as well get a start on it since I will drag butt during that phase. I’m keeping things very simple this time around, so it shouldn’t take too long once I get the worst part over with.

This is looking to be a good month.