The First Batch of "Catch ups"

The Children’s edition, perhaps? By the time The Husband got home, all the light was gone. I hate the time change; it’s going to make it very difficult to get pictures of all of my knits. (I did manage to tackle that pile and only Whisper has ends left to weave in.)

Pattern: Gooseberry Hat (Ravelry download)
Needles: US size 5–2 circulars
Yarn: Yarntini Variegated Sport–Black is the New Yarn
This was a one day knit, started and completed on 01 September. Which doesn’t seem like it was that long ago, but it has already been two months. Anywho! Pretty much left this pattern alone. I went up a needle size from the recommended one since I’m such a tight knitter, and then added a stitch to each section to compensate for my gauge. (104 stitches vs. 96 called for in the pattern.) I also made the body of the hat 1/2″ longer then called for as my children tend to have large heads, and as written, the pattern is for 6-9 month olds, not a toddler like The Girl. I love how the yarn striped and pooled for this. Too much fun! (I used this same yarn for my improvised mitts and was disappointed that they did not stripe like this hat did.)

Needles: US size 9
Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted- Marine
This knit was put on the backburner for awhile and took about 6 times as long as it should have. This was really easy and straight forward to knit. Overall, I’m happy with it, but I have a small list of “should’ves” for it. I should’ve gone up a needle size instead of winging it and modifying the numbers. Or else I should’ve left the numbers as they were since my son is very thin and it would have fit anyway. Though I am glad that I messed with the neck opening and made it much larger because of the aforementioned large head. Since I knit so tight, I did not bother changing needle sizes like the pattern called for. Once again, good thing I didn’t, especially with the neck. I will need to block the sleeves just a touch longer on this. They’re great when The Boy is standing with his arms down, but they ride up when he’s moving–which is all the time.

Two down, five more to blog in the coming days.


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