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Overdue post about my trip…

I lost my blogging mojo for a few days here as I’ve been trying to get past the torso o’ doom on my husband’s sweater. I am pleased to say that it is finally off needles and I am now about to start on the part I consider worse then the torso: the sleeves. I am not a fan of knitting those at all. And once again, he has the longest arms known to man so they are going to take a bit. That, and I am fighting Castonititis. I’m hoping I can resist until this current sweater is off needles.

Anywho! Trip…

Overall, it was rather uneventful. Nice quiet drive, nothing much on the back highways to get down to San Antonio. Despite nommy food bribes, The Husband did not get off of work early enough to ensure we’d reach Comfort in time for me to properly explore The Tinsmith’s Wife, though I did end up stopping in. I arrived 10 minutes before store closing. (We learned the hard way that A] one does not speed AT ALL on the back highways around small Texas towns and B] make sure the insurance card you printed off makes it to the car before leaving. Yes, we got hit with a speeding ticket and a citation for lack of up to date insurance that we are now dealing with. UGH.) I did manage to find the size of Addi Turbos I needed for class–but really didn’t, I would have been fine with straights or any old size 9’s from my current needle stash, might have liked that better, actually as my Options have sharper tips–and I spent a few minutes in the store looking around and trying to take a mental stock of what they carry. If I’m still in Texas when it comes time to restock my tote, (hey you out there, stop laughing! It’ll happen…) I will definitely make the trip back there to give them business. Very nice little shop filled with lovely yarn, cute accessories and a HUGE stock of Addi needles. They have an incentive program as well, to keep you buying. I doubt I’ll ever fill my card, so I may have to pass it on when I’m finished with it. This was all on Thursday.

Friday was spent in San Antonio for The Husband’s physical–10 whole minutes, totally worth that ticket…–and finally meeting a friend I’ve had for 5 1/2 years but have not seen in Meatspace. Late afternoon, we made our way up to Austin. Nothing knitting or yarn related here, so no need to put too much detail into it.

Saturday, we bummed around until my class at 2:30 at Hill Country Weavers. Where I got to meet…

Jared Flood, in the wild.
Sadly, this is the only picture I took. I would have thought that a class with Mr. Brooklyn Tweed would have brought out the cameras, but I was the only one and questioning the appropriateness of taking pictures in class. SO, this is the one that I quickly took and then put my camera away. I did not want staged photos either, just something candid to show what was going on in class.

He is just as nice and easy going as I’ve seen mentioned in other blogs. Sweet guy, cute as a button and very helpful. The class was full of information on the topic (Designing your own Aran Sweater) as well as information related to it. I learned how to cable without a cable needle, how to do a crocheted steek, and a bunch of information about the amount of ease needed depending on the yarn weight one is using in a sweater. The last bit of information is left very vague in most books I’ve read to date. For some reason, it always gets glossed over and no one mentions that the heavier the weight of yarn one is using, the more ease should be built into the garment. It makes sense and I’m amazed that never occured to me before. (Because DUH, heavier yarns will take up more space and the inside circumference is not going to match the outside measurement you take…because the yarn is taking up more space.) It also explains why I’ve had such abysmal luck with the Central Park Hoodie, where I have both yarn weight and cabling working against me. If I decide to try it yet another time, I’ll be sure to get 0″ ease or maybe just a touch of positive ease in the size I pick. Third time is the charm, right?

Related to this, he also touched on the very popular notion that to decide how much ease one likes in a sweater, we’re told to measure our favorite storebought one for measurements. Since yarn weight is almost never taken into account, it is never mentioned that store bought sweaters are often made of very fine thread, rather then bulkier yarns. So while the sweater you choose may have 5″ of negative ease–like my favorite one I picked–it will not work for DK, Worsted, or heavier weights. Which, once again, makes total sense and should be somewhat DUH, but it is never mentioned anywhere. Very enlightening class and I have renewed confidence in trying out a heavier yarn weight project for myself.

I’ll get back to my projects soon, folks.