Finally catching up on FOs!

But since I do not want to be up much longer tonight, I’ll post up the most over-due for now and save some of the pictures for tomorrow or coming days.

I am horrible at remembering to get pictures of my finished knits and then blog them. It doesn’t help that The Husband hates helping me photograph and can be impossible to nail down for a shoot. It causes him pain and annoyance, apparently. We speak different languages when it comes to communicating what I want focused on in a photo of a hand knit. Either he zooms way in to the point that you can not see the whole knit, or he’s so far out that it’s a rather boring portrait of me. Someday, we’ll get it figured out.


Anywho! Most over-due knits coming right up. First, finished in April…

My second Ishbel. Took me long enough. It’s embarrassing, but I did not weave in the ends on this and block it until the post I made about the pile of FOs I needed to finish up. It was too hot to wear scarves and shawlettes by the time I finished in April, so it wasn’t a priority.

Second, and last for tonight, finished in August…

Pattern: Eyelet Cap (ravel it)
Needles: US size 3
Yarn: Mama Blue Troika Sock-Pit
I wish I could remember if there is anything special to say about this. I know that I knit it in a lighter weight yarn then called for in the pattern. I also did not knit a really long ribbed section and then fold it over and sew it down. I just made it shorter to wear that way. Once again: Texas, very rarely gets cold enough to need heavy duty knits.

I’m short and to the point tonight. There will be more pictures soon as I continue to play FO Catch Up. *Cue the cheesy music*

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  1. Kitten says:

    Have you considered a camera with a timer or remote? Seriously, that's what I mostly use for food blogging or knit blogging of myself. My husband is fantastic at most photography, but always screws up my blogging shots for some reason.Also, that hat is super cute.

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