WIP it Wednesday

Come on, how could I resist that? It’s such a nice set up. I’m a Devo fan; I had to.

I’m attempting to blog a bit more often then just FO catch ups and occasional posts that are musings. Hopefully, WIP it Wednesday will stick around. We shall see.

Here are some peeks at what I have in progress this week.

First, you can see that I’ve made some more progress on my mother’s Featherweight cardigan. I’m coming close to the end of the raglan increases. If not for purling, I’d be way past this section. I’m deciding just how far to take this. Before blocking, I’m already getting a gauge inbetween 5.75 and 6 spi. That pattern calls for a gauge of 6 spi after blocking and from my experience, superwash wool grows a bit upon hitting water. If I had to take a guess, this will end up in the 5.5 spi neighborhood. I was originally thinking I’d have to do a size between the M and L to get the right size for my mother, but now I’m thinking I’ll be hovering closer to the M size. I need to work out the math for each respective size so I can figure out exactly when to stop. The great thing about top-down raglans is that you can increase until you want to stop, and not have to worry about stitch count…unless you have a pattern you’re fitting in. But in this case, it’s plain stockinette all the way and then a little ribbing. 1×1, I believe, so as long as my number of stitches is even, I’m in the clear.

Next, is my second pair of socks for the year. (Yes, this means I’ll have an FO post either later tonight or tomorrow.) I decided to do a sportweight pair in some pretty Squoosh I over ordered. Of the ones in my queue, Twinkle Toes has been calling my name. Sadly, DIY took it off of their site, but I did manage to find an individual on Ravelry who has it hosted on a site to download the PDF. It is pretty spare. I am not having issues with it–I have enough sock knitting under my belt as well as a lack of fear to wing things if need be–but looking at project pages, quite a few people seemed to struggle because it’s not written out as a true pattern, more a companion to the Knitty Gritty episode that Cookie A was on. (Also could not find that online so I could see what a seemingly pointless note regarding yarn overs is about.)

So far, I’m rather liking these. And at this pace, even working on them just a couple pattern repeats a day, I’m thinking I’ll have an FO next week. 2 of 5 pairs of socks in a month is pretty darn good, no?

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