Daily Archives: February 4, 2010

WIP it Wednesday

This will be the final WIP it Wednesday for two weeks. We’re heading out of town at O’dark thirty Monday morning to brave the 20 hours each way trip back to Wisconsin. I’ll attempt to blog while there, but it’s doubtful I’ll find the time. For the next two weeks, imagine that I’m knitting my fingers off, and that will be pretty close to what I’m actually doing. Seriously, I’m converting Shalom to a sportweight pattern and that is my Ravelympics project come the 12th. I’ll be knitting like a fiend and testing out motion sickness medications to see if I can finally do something in the car besides stare out the window. Wasting all that prime knitting time makes me a little stabby.

Oh, and in my Factoid Friday entry, I was asked if I was ranting about just sweaters or other knit items as well. Mostly, sweaters, but certainly any other article that can vary alot depending on who wears it is also good. So skirts, dresses, sweaters, jackets, etc. Socks are nice to see modeled as well. Especially when the pattern changes quite a bit when stretched over a foot. Hard to know if no one ever photographs it on a foot!
Anywho. WIPs!

The crochet blanket again, of course. I’m waiting on–yet more–yarn before I can move too much further. Crochet really does eat it up and I did a lousy job guestimating what I needed. This is the pattern I’m using, with more repeats added. In the picture, the blanket is laying across my Queen size bed, to give an idea of the size. Hey, it’s for a couple. I want to be sure they can both snuggle under it. I’m hoping to have this finished by the end of February so I can ship it out to its new home. I am finally starting to speed up and could easily finish.
If I finally have enough yarn. /Grumble

And a quick shot of my mother’s cardigan, which I am seriously dragging my ass on. I think I’m getting burnt out working on projects that are not for me. I have no idea how some people can do nothing but gift knitting. I really want to have this finished in time for my Shalom cast on. If I can knit 20 hours in the car, that’s a start.