WIP it Wednesday

Man, that was a fast week, Kittens!

The red violet sweater shown in my last WIP it post was binned last night. The sweater kept pilling and felting as I was working on it–so annoying. Malabrigo never likes to be ripped and trying to work with it after it has been is a gamble. I knew this and I’m not upset by it. I have accepted that at the gauge I was knitting it up in, it would just be worse and never survive more then a few wears. Mostly it was a project to cleanse my knitting palette and clear my mind after the Ravelympics. It served its purpose and now I’m moving on.

This is the last WIP photo of this blanket! The last stitch was cast off last night and I’m currently figuring out how to block it. I hope to have that finished by the weekend and early next week, I’m putting this beast in the mail. (Insured and with tracking, I assure you!) Weaving in all the tails may kill me. 1 per row. OUCH. (That’s 2 per color stripe.) Hold me, Kittens, this could get ugly.

» There had been a question asked about the pattern to this blanket if there is one. And the answer is yes, I did have a plan going in. I’ve been alternating between sets of [gray, green, blue, teal, blue, green] and [gray, blue, green, teal, green, blue] the entire time.

Next, I cast on some socks because the mood has finally struck again. Let’s face it, I’m rather short on them these days. Admittedly, this is my least favorite sock yarn (it was a gift, I feel awful for admitting that I’m not smitten with it), but the patterning is tolerable and this blend of yarn wears well. So it’s all good.

Lastly, this morning I cast on the Heather Hoodie from Knitscene in my Squoosh MCN Worsted. I’m knitting all in one piece rather then having to do all of the seaming. I’m about to figure out where to place my cables while watching Project Runway. Already, this is looking to be a very quick knit and may be done by the end of the month. If so, 4 of 12 will be out of the way. I’m still aiming for 14 sweaters this year–#15 just went into the waste bin–but 12 is the official number for IntSweMoDo. I’m so excited that I’ve had such amazing start to the year! I’m averaging a sweater every 3 weeks.

It’s been a crazy busy week full of yarny goodness. Until the next post!

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  1. K. D. says:

    That hoodie sweater looks like it is going to be awesome! One of these decades I'm going to learn to knit sweaters and follow patterns. For now I'll just stick with crocheting scarves and baby blankies that I make up as I go.

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