A Tale of Two Socks: Sock One

Things are still crazy here as the number of days until the movers come gets smaller. We have 28 days–closer to 27 really, since Monday is almost over–and all of our things will be packed up, stuck on a truck, and we will not see them for about 3 weeks. As such, I’m pretty sure I can not stick to my usual WIP it Wednesday. Instead, I’m going to grab whatever chances I’m given to blog about my WIPs and, hopefully, an FO or two before my internet is cut on the 13th of June.

First, I think I’ll blog Clue 2 of SKA’s May Mystery sock, courtesy of Cookie A.

How pretty is that?

I’m using Wollmeise 80/20 Twin in Turkis and so happy with the choice. WM is fabulous for stitch definition and socks with patterns like this. A lot of knitters complain that WM, thanks to its tight twist and many plies, is too much like cotton and not soft enough. It’s, “rough on the hands.” But really, soft isn’t the best thing for socks. Not in my opinion, anyway. I want pretty and long-wearing. I suspect there will be many more intricate, WM socks in my future. (After I clear out what my current “duds” are and have the room.)

The pattern itself is pretty interesting–clue three is actually out but the second clue is taking longer then the first, so I’m still on the second sock. It has this spiraling bar thing going on. Clue 2 calls for three repeats on the leg, but thanks to my calf size, I could just eek out 2. Even that is a tight fit. I suspect to get three, I would have had to go up quite a few needles sizes and there’s no way the fabric would have been dense enough. As it is, these socks are taller then most of the others that I knit. I just like “short” socks.

If I were to try this pattern or another like it in the future, I might try casting onto larger needles and as I work my way down the leg, decrease needle sizes to get a better fit.

It’s looking like I may have a good chunk of this WM left when all is said and done. Good thing I have plans for some Stashbuster Spirals to use up all of the .4 skein bits of sock yarn I have left over. (Ravel it to see some pretty ones!)

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