Could it be?!

An FO post? When was the last time I had one of these?

Pattern: Shalom Cardigan (ravel it)
Needles: US size 8
Yarn: Squoosh Fiber Arts Merino Cashmere Sport -Passionfruit
I completed this sweater back in February, kittens. I’ll try to remember as many details about this knit as I can. My project page on Ravelry doesn’t contain much, and, let’s face it, I have the short term memory of a goldfish most days.
This cardigan was less a Shalom as inspired by the pattern. Because honestly, there is very little in common between mine and the original; I used it more as a template and a road map.
I’ll admit this up front: I never cared for the original pattern and dismissed it as rather bulky and unattractive. That’s the nicest way I can put the sentiment and I’m leaving it there: it just wasn’t for me. But then, something happened: my Ravelry buds started knitting this sweater. And they were attractive! (OK, so the last one was knit around the same time as mine, but it’s another fine example of how when done right, the pattern could be very cute.)Why? They were knitted in a worsted weight and the sleeves were not so ridiculously winged out. And they had actual sleeves rather then just leaving the yoke hanging out there.
So I took inspiration from all the worsted weight Shalom I saw, and I got to thinking, “if they made it in worsted, and I prefer lighter yarn knit at a looser gauge…and I live in the middle of HOT-ALL-THE-TIME land…why not try this in an MCN sport at a worsted gauge?”
And that, kittens, is where this idea took off from.
While I was at it, I decided the sweater needed sleeves, more buttons down the front, and some of the twisted rib detailing in places other then the yoke. All simple enough to do. Because of my gauge, I did an extra column of the ribbing up top. All of these details made my cardi unlike the original it was based.
The rest is history.
The only thing I would change now, if I could, is knitting this a bit smaller. When I cast on, I was at the highest my weight has ever been and since discovering a food allergy, I’ve dropped 15 pounds. So what used to fit perfectly is now a bit loose. For the time being, it works, but in the future, I may have to play with taking some width out of it.


  1. Kitten says:

    Super cute! I actually want to make this myself but I've been worried about it looking bulky in Malabrigo. I'm still torn, but yours is super cute as I've already said.

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