WIP it Wednesday

Yay! Two Wednesdays in a row: I might be back, kittens!
First, I should address the wrap sweater I’ve been blogging lately. After working on it steadily for over a week, it was chucked into the trash the other day. My…erm, creative…attempts to fix it resulted it screwing up the yarn pretty badly and I decided it had served as a learning experience. None of the pieces had the same row gauge and apparently when measuring, my stockinette must have stretched on me, because the first side piece was about 4 inches taller then the back piece. Then, the right side piece, which should have been identical to the left side, was about 3.5 inches shorter then that one. I’m not sure there are enough family-friendly words in the English language to describe my reaction to that. So I tried to fix it, first through simply turning up the hem. It ended up looking like this:
Yeeeah. Not so pretty, amirite? Just look at how obvious that uneven hem is…and you can see how low the waist shaping was, it was hitting my hips. While trying to dig the ends back out, that’s when the, “screwing up the yarn,” portion of the project occurred and I decided it needed to be binned.
Not to mention that it was already bordering too large and it hadn’t even been blocked yet.
And I tried to put in the waist and bust shaping as-written and they were no where near the right spot. Darn you, bottom-up knits. *Insert fist shaking here.*
Aaand I made the arm holes too deep and should have made them wider instead….
Just add in the fact that I’ve recently completed 3 pink sweaters and I’m craving neutrals and that poor thing didn’t stand a chance.
Oof. Problem child knit. Pretty, but a real pain in the ass.
So, I decided to treat myself to a brand spankin’ new cast-on before going back to working my way through already caked yarn. Sometimes, we all need a perk-me-up.
Hello gorgeous!
For the moment, these look like socks, but I assure you, they are not; they’re gauntlets that are very similar in stitch count and shape to socks. So far, I am loving the yarn and I’m trying to figure out just how long I can make them. My large forearms, like my large calves, make it difficult for me to make accessories too tall without a lot of fiddling, which screws up striping patterns.
I’m also getting ready to cast-on a sweater in this:
Hopefully, I’ll have a picture of it next week to show off. First, I need to wind it without a swift. Yeah, I should get on replacing mine, but I’m trying to wait a couple more weeks before ordering one.
Complicated gray seems to be the theme for the week.


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