Blog Silence

Kittens, you’re probably wondering where I’ve been hiding and why for two weeks now, I’ve missed a WIP it Wednesday. Truth is, my WIPs have not been going so well…at least not the interesting one, anyway. In the last two weeks, I have started a tank top, realized the in-stash yarn choice was DREADFUL, binned the project because frogging would result in lots of small balls that no one would want, destashed that yarn, bought new yarn to cast on in, cast on again, realized after a little after a day that it was too large, frogged, had to run out to get a smaller crochet hook, cast on again, and…

That brings me to now. I am on the third cast on for my project and this one is looking to be the charm. Had my first attempt turned out, I would have had a tank top (finished) about 10 days ago.
Because of my project angst, I neglected this blog. Hopefully, it will get rolling again here and I’ll start catching up on the last month’s FOs.

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