September Wrap Up

And once again, another month has come and gone. I’m still debating if I’ll continue to track my yardage in 2011 or not. I still have a couple of months to think it over.

Yardage Totals 2010

January: 1884 yds
February: 2850 yds
March: 2893 yds
April: 777 yds
May: 856 yds
June: 643 yds
July: 751yds
August: 1716yds
September: 3046 yds

Year to date: 15,416 yds or 8.76 miles

Whoah. Look who seriously upped her productivity this month. I’m not sure what clicked–it definitely was not the sticky, oppressive heat most of the month–but I took off and knit like a crazy woman the entirety of September. About 1,000yds of that is a crochet blanket project, but that leaves 2,000yds of actual knitting. Mind boggling.

I do not expect to come anywhere near this number in October.

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