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Weekend WIPing

Because once was not enough this week, and I really am trying to blog more often. (Please forgive the off colors of this. I managed to clean them up a bit, but they’re not as good as they could be. Bathroom lighting is no one’s friend. If I do this again, I’ll spend more then 2 minutes trying to fix it before getting overwhelmed and declaring it, “good enough!”)

I just finished the first 2 cakes of yarn and am pleased with how far they stretched. This fits beautifully as-is; I’m hoping it won’t grow too much when I go to block it. I’m glad I did not do as many increases as I figured I would need based on the math. If I had, this would be quite big even before blocking. The math always worries me, because clearly, it would have led me astray in terms of fit before blocking. After blocking, my superwash wools almost always loosen up about 1/4 stitch per inch, so I figured that into things when I was calculating to get my range of increases needed. I guess I’ll know after the wool hits the water.
Now that I have an idea of just how far two skeins of Sundara Sport will stretch, I’m changing directions and attacking the sleeves. I have 4 left, but I want to be sure that I’ll have enough to get the sleeves how I’d like and that will make it easier for me to tackle the body length because they’ll sit a little better. This whole “design” is being made up as I go, so I figure I may as well tackle each element when it’s convenient, rather then doing things in a traditional order: body, ribbing, and finally, sleeves.
Be watching for Wednesday, kittens: I suspect quite a bit more of this will be done by then.

WIP it Wednesday

Wow, another week has come and gone. It’s that time again:
This is almost the exact same knit I just finished up. Only it’s sport weight yarn knit closer to its normal gauge rather then fingering weight knit much more loosely. And it will be longer. With some longer sleeves. Maybe some thick ribbing that will fold over? Some cute little pockets?!
Right now, I’m on a basic-and-very-wearable kick when it comes to knits. It’s allowing me to use up yarn that I’ve otherwise been unable to use. I bought this Sundara Sport back at the end of last September and it’s been sitting in my tote ever since. In my defense, the color was way different then the picture posted, which threw me for a loop. I loved it, but couldn’t use it for what I had originally intended. It is just too dark and variegated. On site, it looked like it was a semi-solid blue green in the brightest shades that can be seen in the progress picture, what came to me was closer to this:

Those blue-green shades are definitely in there, but there is also a lot of dark blue and some black. Somehow, they mysteriously didn’t show in the dyer’s pictures.
Anywho, after finishing up my other cardigan yesterday, I realized that this yarn would make a lovely heavier weight version and the plain stockinette would show off all of the lovely color changes in the yarn.
I’m making this sweater with the intent of replacing my current movie theater cardigan:

This is one of the few 2008 sweaters I still have hanging around in my closet. The arms on it are horrible and ill-fit, I didn’t know to alter the upper body so that the shoulders are not so large and hanging off onto my arms, half of the sweater is knit with twisted purl stitches (among other errors like all of tiny holes caused by M1 increases [you can actually see one of them in this picture on the left sleeve]), and this particular color of Cascade 220 has an obnoxious yellow core which sometimes peeks through. But it’s made it… solely because it is comfy to wear in an air conditioned theater and easy to pull on and off.
Hopefully, I’ll go from looking like Crazy Knitter Lady to Chic Knitter Lady next time I’m at the movies.
Whenever that is.