Daily Archives: October 21, 2010

WIP it Wednesday


Kittens, I do not know what to say about this knit, other then it is causing me a boatload of minor irritations…that have now added up to a mountain of GAH! The yarn has been in stash so long that I’m no longer in the honeymoon-esque, “It’s the most perfect yarn that has ever existed!” mode. My first cast on was unsuccessful, due to increasing needle size to get more spi. Yeah. Then, thanks to how I read patterns, I had some serious confusion starting the lace, because of what I deem a redundancy in how it was written.
And now?
The sloppy SSK/p2tog tbl stitches are upsetting me; they are not biasing properly like the k2tog/p2tog are*. As far as I can tell, I am doing all of the stitches correctly, but I’m going to try a slightly different method for the p2tog tbl stitches on the third repeat. If I can not neaten them up, this is going to the frog pond and I think I’ll be doubling this yarn and using it for a fast knit.
*For those that can not read knitting, the sloppy side is the left set of decreases. The pretty ones are on the right. It’s not the best photo. I couldn’t bring myself to take it until 10:30PM, so no natural lighting for this one.