Well, that’s embarrassing….

After 3 years of knitting, I found out that I SSK incorrectly: who knew? When by itself without a decrease on the purl side, my SSK always looked as it should and pulls the stitches the correct way, but put a decrease on the wrong side of the fabric and SURPRISE! (The bottom two lace repeats have the incorrect stitch in them, but it’s corrected after that. Susan asked on my last post if I thought it would block out, and I can safely answer, “no.” But even if messy, the decreases pull the correct direction and it doesn’t affect the overall look too much, so it really doesn’t bother me. I tend to like keeping some imperfections in my knits as a visual reminder of what I learned on the project.)

Thanks to figuring this out, I’ve found some enthusiasm for my Honeybee and am making very good progress. The portion of the body under the armpits is finished, and I cast on for the sleeves last night. If all goes well, I’ll be joining the two shortly and should have a finished sweater before the end of the month. Yay!

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