FO Round Up…

Hats edition. Very little knitting happened in October, but I do have a couple of FOs to blog about. Both were improvised, so I will not be using my usual format to link to a pattern.

First up is The Boy’s winter hat. Due to some training The Husband got into, the children and I are heading up to Wisconsin for a short late-November trip. Of course, this means the children will need actual late fall/early winter gear to keep their delicate southern selves warm. (For real, The Boy complains about how cold it is after the temperature dips under 75º. My Sconnie heart cries every time he does it.)

He wanted a red and blue striped hat, and I already had the blue–frogged some of his sweater from last winter that he outgrew, so I ordered up a skein of red Malabrigo to match and got to work. I used US size 8s and cast on 84 stitches. Nothing fancy. Since this hat used so little yarn–less then 1/4 skein of each color, I’m going to knit him an equally simple ribbed cowl. I’m debating if I’ll make it perfectly matching or not.

Next, we have The Girl’s Hello Kitty hat which was part of her Halloween costume this year. Again, this was improvised with a little guidance taken from another pattern to figure out how to knit the ears in the round and get the shaping correct. I did the same with the bow: peeked at a pattern, saw how it was done and then just did my own thing.
Overall, I really like this hat, but the yarn was way too heavy for the bow. The next time I try this, I’ll definitely use a lighter weight yarn for that part. This was knit with some Cotton-Ease partials I had in-stash and need to use up or send on their way. Cotton-Ease is fine for toys, but I’m not so enamored with it for garments. It’s a bit too thick and bulky for that and has a slightly odd, plastic-y, almost-oily feel to it from the acrylic content. ( I have some KnitPick’s Comfy in stash that I need to use that is the same fiber make up, but the feel of the two is way different.)
And that’s what I have for you this second day of November, Kittens.


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