WIP it Wednesday

Have one for you all today, Kittens. Though, the picture isn’t very good; the weather just will not cooperate, and it’s a lovely, chilly, rainy day. I adjusted the color levels as best I could. They’re definitely better then the last picture of this project, where I didn’t even bother to color correct.

I’m making progress on my Honeybee, slowly but surely. The very short sleeve is attached to the body and I’ve finished the underarm decreases. Today, I set up to start the rest of the arm. With any luck, I’ll finish this up sometime, but I may take a short break to focus on other things and rally my enthusiasm again. For whatever reason, I have never been able to get into this sweater: for a cropped, short sleeve thing, it is taking forever to knit.

Maybe it will be done by the end of November….


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