Daily Archives: November 4, 2010

04 November 2010

Since I’m lacking the oomph needed to do a crafting related post today (should have one tomorrow if all goes well with what I’m working on… I’m still waiting to see if it’s turning out or if it needs to be frogged), I thought I’d use this day to plug my other blogs. Since I’m a bit OCD and do not like my topics mixing, I have individual blogs with different purposes.

This one, obviously, is a crafting blog and my most updated one. Mostly it contains knitting and crocheting, but there are also embroidery and sewing possibilities. When I want to muse about something crafting related, it goes here.
My next most updated blog is my gluten-free cooking/baking one: The Food Blogger Wannabe. Because seriously, I do fantasize about being a food blogger, but I take far too long to post and often do not have original content to post.
For non-private, general life posts, I’ve started Contradictive Tendencies, but I haven’t done much with it yet. I’ve been meaning to post more in there, since I do have some material, but postings of that nature are more involved then crafting. You need more content and focus then I need for this blog.
I also have an as of yet unposted to art blog, but I may change the title of it. I used to have a DA account, but decided to close it out several months ago. I have been focusing on crafting more then anything else, so I haven’t had content to get it started yet.