Trials and Tribulations

My current project is causing me some angst. I can not seem to buck this with knitting lately. It’s almost enough to make me want to switch gears for a bit, but I must knock some more projects out before I can. My tote may have had some erm…augmentation recently and it won’t all fit again.

Anywho. The offending project:

I managed to get in on the Skull and Flowers Mittens KAL, where if you signed up before 04 November, you received the pattern for free. My yarn arrived 02 days ago, and I decided to cast on right away, since I’m super excited about these.

I have not done a lot of colorwork. What I have done has been 2 colors per row for the most part.
Now, you kittens may be asking yourselves, “Why is that knitting in a bowl of water?” Good question. I was checking to see if upon blocking, a) the stitches would even out and b) I could block the cuff just a bit larger. Because you see, kittens, my gauge is spot-on for the smallest size, which I need for my actual wrist and most of my hand measurements, but the width of my hand is in between the small and medium. Trying to test out the mitten yesterday, it was a struggle to get it over my thumb. After the thumb, it fit beautifully. My floats are not tight and I’m purposefully not keeping my tension as I usually do. But, it was an issue.
Which makes me wonder, is this normal for colorwork mittens, or is it a sign they are too small and I really should cut my losses? I was able to block them just a touch bigger, which meant slightly less of a struggle getting them over my thumb, but they do not easily slide over either.


  1. Jen says:

    Colorwork is always tighter. Not sure why, but it is. Also if you are planning on a liner you might want to knit a bigger size. I have TINY hands. We are talking freakshow tiny here (my ring finger is a size 3.75) and I am making a medium. My colorwork is always a lot tighter.

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