WIP it Wednesday

Kittens, apparently setting low, arbitrary goals helps productivity. Who knew? Last night I knit 05 rows on one project and 06 on the other. This morning, I’ve knit 02 rows on the first project and 04 on the second.

Go figure.

My Skull and Flowers mitts are coming along nicely. I’m still trying to decide if these will be fingerless mitts or actual mittens. I’m trying to determine the actual need for mittens down here. Warm wrists I’m sure I’ll need. But will my fingers actually get cold? Hmmm.

If you look closely at the picture, you can see where the blocked portion of the mitt ends and it pulls back in a bit.

And the neckline has been started on my Honeybee. With any luck, this will pick up pace now that I’ve bound off a large number of stitches for it. In a few more rows, I’ll be doing decreases in the sleeves every row instead of every right side row, so it will start to fly at that point. The end for this knit is creeping up.

And that’s what I have for you this Wednesday.

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