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2 for 1

In a couple of ways, actually. I would like to keep the Viking WIP posts separate from my others, so you get two blog posts from me today, kittens!

The other way, and the subject of this blog, is 2 FOs from 1 pattern. I’ve been quite busy this month and already have finished 3 objects; 2 of them are fingering weight hats. So without further delay, I bring you…

Pattern: Sockhead Hat (Ravel it)
Needles: US size 2.5
Yarn: Yarntini Self-Striping Merino/Nylon sock – Sunshine Stripe
Yes, the hat I knit for trade with my sister is finished and ready to be sent her way. I’m debating if I have enough yarn left over to knit her a coordinating pair of wrist warmers as well. (I’m thinking the best way to figure it out would be to cast on provisionally, work the hand portion, then unravel the cast on and knit up the wrist/arm.)
I mostly followed the pattern for this. I actually cast on with smaller needles then called for, but I wanted the fabric to be a little on the thicker side rather then overly thin and floppy. My sister lives in WI after all, and even if this isn’t a winter hat for her, I’d like it to work for warmer winter days and the spring and fall days when it’s still chilly. I used the given numbers for cast-on, knit 4″ of the 2×2 ribbing, then increased by 6 stitches for the body–this was an error on my part, as a full repeat is 8 stitches. I didn’t knit the body of the hat to 9″ like the pattern asks, instead I knit about 7.5″ and then began the decreases. I had to fudge the first decrease row and then after that, it matched up as it should. With blocking, this became drapey and slouchy as it aught to.
The Boy is modeling the hat for me in this picture, but it also fits my 22.5″ head, though the ribbing is stretched about as far as it will go.

Here he is working on his modeling pout: I find his version amusing. He’s a great sport about modeling knits for me and is always excited to do so. He takes posing directions very well for a 4 year old.

Upon finishing my sister’s hat, I decided that I needed one…with some modifications, of course.

Needle: US size 2.5
Yarn: Malabrigo Sock- Negro and Gothsocks Asphodel – The Goblin King
…and I needed it to coordinate with my Goblin Gauntlets, as well! So here is my modified sockhead hat. First, I cast on the number given + 8 stitches. Malabrigo sock is on the thin side for fingering, so I knew that if I wanted this to fit well I’d need the extra stitches in the ribbing section. I then knit just a smidge over 2.5″ of 2 x 2 ribbing. At this point, I cut my yarn and attached the Asphodel. I had no desire to fold over the brim of the hat, so I knit just a bit less then 6″ in length before going to the decrease rounds. From there, everything was easy because I had the correct numbers this time.
The resulting hat looks quite a bit like a beret with snugger ribbing, non?

The hat coordinates beautifully with the mitts without being matchy-matchy. I’m out to buck the stereotype that one will know a knitter by the fact that none of her accessories match. If I had enough yarn to make a cowl, I very likely would. Though now that I give it more thought…I think having one that is all black rather then striped will coordinate just fine.

Vikings, Day 2

Since I rather miss daily blogging but not having to think of a topic every day, I decided to daily blog the progress on my viking toys. This way, I will keep on track and will hopefully finish well before my 24 December deadline. With 2 hours per night, I have about 32 work hours left to get these little guys finished.

So day 1 finished with a single viking helmet. After about 2.5-ish hours worth of knitting last night, I have two helmets and one viking face. That may not seem like much, but these are very large, I’m discovering. I’ll have to post a picture with something for size reference.

So far, the pattern is super easy to follow and other then the bobbles, it’s been smooth knitting. Just a bit putzy since I’m working worsted weight yarn on US size 4 needles–taking my gauge into consideration, that’s like a more “normal” tensioned knitter working on 2.5s. So yeah, this is some dense fabric, even if it doesn’t look it. The pattern was written for non-washable wool, but I think it’s working up very well in a 100% cotton.
We’ll have to see what tomorrow brings!