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2010 Wrap-up

Last yardage tally for the year, kittens! Woot!

Yardage Totals 2010

January: 1884 yds
February: 2850 yds
March: 2893 yds
April: 777 yds
May: 856 yds
June: 643 yds
July: 751yds
August: 1716yds
September: 3046 yds
October: 1337 yds
November: 1366yds
December: 2698yds

Year to date: 20,817 yds or 11.83 miles

OOOH. I was pretty close to the mile-per-month mark I was aiming for, but didn’t quite get there. It’s about 3.25 more miles’ worth of yarn then I knit in 2009. (And a lot less frogging as well. :] )

I plan to continue tracking my yardage in 2011 and maybe at the end of it, I’ll do a 3 year comparison and see if there are any trends to my knitting. I’m pretty sure my numbers will not be quite so high in 2011, and when I share my knitting intentions, that will make more sense. But I have to save something for tomorrow, right?
Now I’m off to watch Voyager with The Mister, work on a sock, and eat some snackies.

Goodbye, 2010

Kittens, at first, I wanted to do one of those spiffy photo collages of my FOs like all the cool kids are doing, but then I realized that I finished 37 projects this year. 37. The lazy in me does not feel up to resizing and cropping 37 photos to fit into a rectangle.

So instead, let’s break them down a bit:

♥ 2 Blankets

♥ 1 Potholder
♥ 1 Cowl
♥ 1 Hoodlet
♥ 9 toys
♥ 6 pairs of socks
♥ 4 hats
♥ 1 shawlette
♥ 10 sweaters
♥ 1 pair of Swiffer covers
♥ 1 pair of fingerless mitts
Of these 37 projects, 2 were frogged and will be remade . 2 were tossed because the yarn was wrecked in my attempts to fix them in unconventional ways to avoid frogging.
My first FO of the year was Liesl.

And my last FO is yet unphotographed as an FO: Woodland Hoodlet.

All in all, it has been a seriously productive year and most of my projects turned out well. Hopefully, 2011 will be even better!

Happy New Year, kittens!