2010 Wrap-up

Last yardage tally for the year, kittens! Woot!

Yardage Totals 2010

January: 1884 yds
February: 2850 yds
March: 2893 yds
April: 777 yds
May: 856 yds
June: 643 yds
July: 751yds
August: 1716yds
September: 3046 yds
October: 1337 yds
November: 1366yds
December: 2698yds

Year to date: 20,817 yds or 11.83 miles

OOOH. I was pretty close to the mile-per-month mark I was aiming for, but didn’t quite get there. It’s about 3.25 more miles’ worth of yarn then I knit in 2009. (And a lot less frogging as well. :] )

I plan to continue tracking my yardage in 2011 and maybe at the end of it, I’ll do a 3 year comparison and see if there are any trends to my knitting. I’m pretty sure my numbers will not be quite so high in 2011, and when I share my knitting intentions, that will make more sense. But I have to save something for tomorrow, right?
Now I’m off to watch Voyager with The Mister, work on a sock, and eat some snackies.

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