Weekend WIPing: Block 4

Kittens, there hasn’t been a ton of crafting going on this week. However, I did manage to sew one more block of our bed quilt (04 of 27 needed unless I can find another “cheat” block or 3), and I did manage to piece together the other 11 blocks that will be embroidered during my Block of the Month project.

They aren’t really all that interesting though. I pieced every one of them exactly the same so I could do faster, chain piecing. It took less then 3 hours to finish and press them all. For the most part, they’re nice and neat. Minus 2 perfect ones, they’re all slightly off (2-3 corners match up, but the other 1-2 don’t), but I was expecting that. Most of this fabric was bought ages ago from Jo-Anns or other cheapy places. So it has a lower thread count and doesn’t hold shape very nicely. I’m just hoping they won’t unravel and pop seams like our “Frankenquilt.” Kittens, in all things the quality of your materials really does matter. Just sayin’.

Here’s block 4 of our new bed quilt. I can’t decide if this one or block 1 is my favorite so far. This one is definitely the color scheme I want to stick with for the rest of the blocks. Looking back at block 1, it is as well. Orange, aqua, brown, and grey with cream and white seems to be the winner.

As I get closer to the finish, I’ll decide if I want to keep the two blocks I used some of the red in or if I’ll rip them apart….maybe make pillows with them? Who knows. They’re not terrible by any means, just the red is incongruous with what I’m going for. I guess it will depend on what I have leftover how they look together when I go to piece the top.

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