January 2011

Yes, kittens, I will continue to track yardage in 2011.

The year is off to a decent start. I had an unofficial, unambitious goal of knitting 1,000yds in January. I managed to meet it and exceed it by 70yds. Considering all of the sewing, baking, and other things going on here, that’s not too shabby. True, it’s low for me (my average month seems to be about 1400yds), but it’s not so low that I feel like I got nothing done.
I think 1,000yds a month may be my goal post for every month in 2011. Once I start crocheting again, that number will be blasted out of the water. For months where I’m only knitting, it’s enough to move on projects while still doing other things I enjoy. I’m not sure if this is that “balance” thing I’m striving for, but it seems to be closer. It’s felt nice to be able to work on different things, and I’m even starting to work reading back into the rotation. I definitely haven’t been stressed out about knitting at all this month; that may be a first in a long time.

Yardage Totals 2011

January: 1071 yds

Year to date: 1,071 yds or O.61 miles

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