Daily Archives: February 18, 2011

Block 8

There is still very little to blog, kittens, but fear not! Today, a huge box from Jimmy Beans Wool arrived at my house, and I can continue on The Boy’s king-sized blanket. There will be knitting. Oh yes, there will be knitting. And I *did* start a project the other day…another blanket inspired by this one. Kittens, I am all about blankets right now and seem to be flipping the bird to sweaters and socks. It’s going to be all blankets, all the time around here. Knit blankets. Quilted blankets. Blankets for The Girl. Blankets for The Boy. Blankets for our bed. A very special blanket just for me.

Blankets. Yes.
(Since my Knitpicks interchangeable replacement parts also arrived, I can finally continue on the sweater I was test knitting as well. I’m sure I would have been done by now, had I not been sidelined by The Girl and her obsession with hiding all of my things. For being only 2 and so small, she sure does make a lot of trouble.)

As the title says, I managed to finish Courthouse block 08 of 11 that I need for our new bed quilt. If all goes well, I may be able to wrap these up over the weekend, but we shall see. The last of some other fabric needed arrived today for that and I can start piecing the top as soon as all of the blocks are finished. Yay!