WIP-it Wednesday: 10 of 52

Kittens, we have gone almost 1/3 of the way through March, and I haven’t blogged once. Not once. I suppose I could explain myself but eh, that’s not all that much fun to read about, is it? You do not come here to read about what’s going on and why I haven’t been doing anything; you come here to read about what I have been working on.

There hasn’t been much, but I do have a couple of things to share. (And I’ve decided to get over my reluctance to mix knits with sewing, so hopefully I’ll post more often as I finish up the sewing/quilting projects.)

The first items up are technically FOs, but I just finished them today, so I’m including them as WIPS. (What? Have you seen me blog an FO this year?!)

Who is that amazing masked bird?

Angry Birds love has hit this house and hard. Even though he’s not allowed to play it on our phones, The Boy is obsessed with the game and has taken to setting up his own scenarios to play out.

I decided that maybe it was time to make him some plush characters to toss around instead. Now that I’ve finished these two, he’s been bombarding me with requests for every other bird. The designer of this pattern has already made patterns for the others, minus one bird. The cardinal happens to be a free Ravelry download. I’m the world’s slowest crocheter, and I still managed to pop both of these out in under 2 days.

And if anyone is wondering, no, there are not any masked birds in the game. I ran out of Cherry cotton-ease and had to find a way to make it stretch to get a second bird done. The Boy thinks it’s pretty cool and is convinced it’s from the actual game, so who am I to argue with him?
It feels really good to finish up a yarn-y project; I’m hoping to maybe focus on getting some others off of needles in the near-ish future as well.

I’ve been making slow but sure progress on my bed quilt. Minor things keep going wrong and slowing me down. When this happens, I stop and work on something else for awhile instead. I’m hoping to get moving on this again tonight and at the least, fix a mistake that has kept me from sandwiching this.

What about you, kittens? Are you working on much or has February/March been slow crafting time for you as well? Maybe your energies are focused elsewhere instead?


  1. SusanB-knits says:

    Cute birds! I've been wanting to knit socks but have some other knitting to do for a class, :sigh: maybe I'll get back to all my socks next month.

  2. No! It's courthouse blocks with some large scale prints, and then two different types of linen: handkerchief and table cloth. They were cut into squares the same size as the blocks.

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