WIP-it Wednesday: 11 of 52

Slow going and hard-earned progress on this knitting WIP. When I originally calculated the size, I believe I said this is ~95″ across. It’s a lot of knitting per row, kittens. A lot of knitting. So far I’ve used 1 skein of the bright green, 2 of the bright blue, and now I’m starting a section that is 7 skeins of the chocolate brown. Once that is complete, I’ve finished the bottom of the blanket, and I can unravel the provisional cast-on and work my way up the top. I’ll be about 1/3 of the way done at that point.

I should finish by the end of the year.
I hope.
I think I can safely say that WIP shots of this project are not going to be all that exciting until I get back to working smaller stripes on the top half of the blanket. But fear not! I’ve finally pulled out another project, and I’m hoping to make some progress on it by next Wednesday. (My photographer is finally coming home Sunday afternoon and hopefully he’ll feel up to assisting me get a decent shot of it. ♥)
I should have some more quilting/sewing posts coming up soon as well.


  1. SusanB-knits says:

    Nice colors for the blanket. It's nice to have a few smaller projects to work on to break up the "forever" knitting on the larger project. (must be why I haven't touched my sweater in two weeks, lol)

  2. K. D. says:

    I like your new background for your blog!Loving the blanket. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, just looking at the photo.

  3. You noticed the facelift I'm working on! :)Thank you! For an acrylic blend, it actually doesn't feel too bad. It's soft and with it on me, it's warm but not heavy. My 100% superwash blankets are a little nicer, but no budget for that this time around.

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