WIP-it Wednesday: 16 of 52

Err…”Wednesday,” more appropriately. Didn’t have the time to blog yesterday, I’m afraid, so we’ll pretend this one was on time.

First, the Wide Stripes blanket. It’s hard to tell, but it is making slow progress. I now have 03 of 07 chocolate skeins knit up in the bottom stripe. For sure, I’ll be finished with it by the end of next month, then I can unravel the provisional cast-on and work my way up the rest of the blanket. I’m still hoping to finish it this calendar year. (At the rate of 03 skeins/month, I should be done in December.)

Next is a sweater cast on. This one isn’t too interesting yet, so I really do not have much to say about it. I’m taking things slow since I’m having to alter as I go. I do not want another mess like the last sweater I had on needles.

1 Comment

  1. SusanB-knits says:

    The blanket is looking good. I didn't realize it was to be a yr long project. Can't wait to see a little more of the new sweater you cast on. Even though I keep knitting on mine it doesn't seem to grow very fast.

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