WIP-it Wednesday: 18 of 52

I’m back this week, kittens! I finally made some noticeable progress on one of my projects, so I have something to blog. You know… other then assure you that I’m working even if I’ve been really quiet and not showing off many pictures.

After my last sweater project turned out so abysmally, I allowed myself a pattern purchase and immediate cast on of another to ease my pain. Nothing hurts me more than a project that needs to be frogged; I hate wasted time and effort. (Hey, at least I do not knit the whole thing trusting my gauge and try it on at the end!)

This is some lovely Sundara Sport that I have had marinating in my stash for about 6 months now. It’s definitely not the oldest yarn I have sitting in there, but it is one that I’ve had a hard time picking a project for. For some reason, I remembered it as being darker then it is; I seem to recall that while I liked it, I didn’t really love it when it first arrived. Maybe it just looked like a darker grey in November then it does now?
This project has been on needles since mid-April. I’m moving at a snail’s pace on it, but I’m OK with that. 2011 is all about taking things slow. I’ve been working with an unfamiliar construction type–the technical aspects are easy peasy–and sleeves are always a concern for me. I ended up making a decision to alter the pattern and fit 8 additional sleeve stitches into the top of the sleeve as I worked. (No math involved, just winged it.) I am so glad that I did and how they’re spaced. Even before blocking and the growing this superwash merino will do, they fit perfectly. With growth, I’m expecting about a couple inches of ease to be added in, making them a close fitting, but looser-than-my-usual-preference sleeve. Even if for once my knitting doesn’t grow like past experience has taught me, it fits! So…WOOT.
I’m about to take a quick break for a project I’m making The Boy. Then, I’ll be right back on the next sleeve and getting this sweater moving!


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