Daily Archives: May 25, 2011

WIP-it Wednesday: 21 of 52

Kittens! I’m managing to blog today. Two Wednesdays in a row; haven’t done that in awhile. You see, after last week’s post, a fire lit under my butt, and I started working faster on my cardigan so I could get an idea if I need to try and acquire another skein of my yarn or not. The jury is still out as I finish up skein 03 of 06. (I currently have 4-6 more rows worth of yarn in the skein.)

From the back, it’s looking good, nothing to worry about. I could have lifted the waist band up even higher to fit better with my natural waist, but as it was, I cut over an inch from the pattern right there.

The worrying part is here:

Even though the sweater is wide enough to not burst out of it, I’m still busty enough that the front is riding much higher than the back of the sweater. Once I block the sweater and the upper garter ridges relax, it will help with the problem. I know that’s partially what is going on right now and why it’s riding up. I’m seriously considering and debating adding darts to the front sides to give them a bit of extra length.

But this eats up more yarn…which I’m not sure I can spare at this point in time.
I originally thought that making it through half of my yarn would give me a better idea of if I had enough. Now, I’m convinced that I need to knit up skein 04 and see how far that one takes me to get a better idea. It’s definitely going to be close if I decide to make this a longer sweater, add darts to lengthen the front, and keep the pockets in. I really want all of these things, but having a limited edition colorway with only 10 skeins in existence makes it tricky. I’ve managed to locate 3 of 4 sister skeins to mine. However, I really do not want to have to bother someone else for one of them if I can help it.
So, knit skein 04 first, then see how I’m doing from there. I keep hoping that perhaps mine are a bit higher in yardage than marked, and I’ll eek through this. Sundara is known for underestimating the yardage of her skeins to avoid disgruntled customers.