It’s not a Wednesday….

But I’m blogging today anyway! Happy Memorial Day to the American kittens out there. I’ve actually been a bit busy the last few days, as my friends on Facebook got to preview last night.

I spent a little over 5 hours Saturday night and about an hour yesterday morning working on these pouches. I wanted to make gifts for The Boy’s teachers for making his first school experience such a positive one. I will be stuffing these with chocolate and putting little notes in them; for his teacher and her assistant, I also plan to add small gift cards.

I have had so many scraps sitting around from recent projects that I didn’t have to wash up anything new to make these. It felt good to clear out some left overs, even if it was such a small amount. They won’t quite hold an unsharpened pencil, but any instrument shorter than that fits in just fine.

The Boy approves.

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