Daily Archives: June 7, 2011

Birdie Stitches: April 2011-June 2011

Yeeeeaaaah. I got a little behind on stitching and documenting this one, kittens. 2 of the 3 blocks had to be heavily altered…a.k.a: drawn from scratch. I finally played catch up last night and today.

April’s block is one of the two that I drew up on my own. I even stuck a little Totoro in there for The Girl. As soon as I saw the next month’s block, I knew my theme would work out just fine.

Yes. May Flowers. I changed very little in this block and was super happy with the composition and concept. The Girl absolutely LOVES this block.

And then June happened. While I like the idea of the text somewhere on the quilt, it felt really out of place with the other blocks to date. Thanks to Katie‘s suggestion, I had a theme for the block and worked on it today. It turned out OK. It’s not my favorite block, but it works.

But yay! I’m caught up on Birdie Stitches until July.

Something New to Try…

I have so many projects going on these days that it’s becoming difficult to keep track of them all…and I’m looking to add a new Quilt-a-long as soon as the pattern book arrives! I realized that it is time to start making a crafting To Do list.

This is what I came up with last night for June. Most of the goals are pretty unambitious, but I like to set myself up to feel good and motivated rather than demoralized when I realize I can’t gain 5 extra hours a day to do it all.

I’m not sure if I’ll post up the initial list at the beginning of the month and update at the end or what I’ll do. I plan to add to it as a month goes on and items get checked off.