Farmer’s Wife QAL: Week 5

Well, I managed to eek out one more week’s worth of blocks, kittens. So while I did not catch up a bit with the QAL, I didn’t fall too much farther behind, either. I’d call that a mostly win.

Block 9: Box
This one was pretty nice to me, except one HST that just would not line up properly. I went to fix it and realized today that my fix actually didn’t do what it was supposed to…and I trimmed it up so I sort of have to live with it this way. OH WELL. I’m calling this one done, and I’ll worry about the new problem I created for myself when it’s time to piece the top.

Have I mentioned how much I love fussy cutting? Or this pony fabric? I love them both, and I’m hoping to feature ponies in future blocks. If perfectly honest, I love all of the fabrics in this block.

Block 10: Bowtie
Easiest. Block. Ever. I love it for this quality and how striking the result is. I spent quite a bit of time deciding what fabrics I would use when this block came up.
I ended up picking out 3 completely different ones the day of.
It’s funny how that works sometimes.


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